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  There are no compromises for the quality of Chihaya’s sushi. We do our best to find the suppliers that we can put our trust in, those who can fulfill our requirements of top quality. To ensure, we visit their facilities and delivery vehicles to check hygiene, commodity management and storage methods. Their connoisseurs have 20 years experiences of working with seafood; they can distinguish freshness and texture quality that meets out standards.



  Sushi requires almost every cooking technique. To maintain the freshness of the fish, in addition to the selection and delivery process, cutting technique is one of the most important. Different ingredients have a different thickness and texture, whether with bone, or easily corrupted. An excellent cutting technique is the key to unlocking freshness.



  To make sushi right, it takes years of practice. Learning how to cook rice and mixing vinegar; searching the right sense of soya and sauces. This is not only techniques also experience. We spent long time to find out how much water and time it takes to cook tasteful rice. But we're humble to the belief of Kaizen, you can always improve. We believe that a big part of experience to improvement is the interaction with our customers that eat our sushi. Your reviews and feelings is a big part of our progress and success.



  We are passionate for our work and always want to progress. In cooking area, guests can easily get the feeling when the chef prepares the food with passion. Especially sushi, even a single piece of nigiri you can get all the information: the color of the fish, the cutting technique, the flavor of the vinegar rice and the pressure we put on the nigiri. There are many things we can never practice enough. Chihaya’s chefs love their work and are willing to take the challenge. Every morning we sharp our knives for serving a better sushi. We constantly attempting to improve our skills and update our experience. Even the pressure we put on every single nigiri, we do it with love and respect to give our customers the best we can. We welcome you to try our sushi, to experience our philosophy and taste.

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