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chef jia

  In Oct 2006, Chef Jia came to Copenhagen to study. Not long after, he got a job opportunity to work at shinju sushi restaurant which serves Edomae Zushi(Japanese tradition sushi). At there for the first time he got so impressed by Japanese Chef Izuki-san's craftsmanship.

  Since then he got enamored with sushi and apprenticed at there for two years just learning traditional sushi technique. After that he finds his way to improving his sushi skills in several good sushi restaurants. such as Umami,Sticks'N'sushi and Sanshin sushi.

  Worth to mention,Umami is one of the best sushi places in Copenhagen because of its unique concept Japanese-French fusion cuisine that inspired his mind.

  Aiming to combine the nature taste of fish, balanced flavor rice together with western various sauces becoming innovative sushi.

  Since the first touch, he spent 7 years perfecting his crafts and educated himself about the ingredients he would utilize for his sushi concept before heading to Sweden.

  In the fall of 2013, Chef Jia arrived in Borås to open Chihaya sushi. Always try to serve the best image of his contemplation for sushi. Now Chihaya sushi has opened for 7 years and it's still very young, Chef Jia believes that only contiunous learing, thinking, attempting can go forward.

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